20 Points Help You to Decide Why Jiangsu University is Best for You


  1. Top Medical Universities in China

Amongst the variety of options available in China for medical education, Jiangsu University has established its name as one of the top medical universities in China.

  1. Top Research University in China

Jiangsu University is a top research university in China in which students from many countries take admission to study.

  1. Course Offer

The medical course at Jiangsu University is famous for providing detailed and thorough knowledge to the student's study MBBS in China.

  1. Top-Rated University in China

Indian students have always found Jiangsu University as a top-rated university in China as there are many Indian students who have studied in the university and there are many who are currently studying in it.

  1. Healthy Study Environment

The university provides the students with a healthy study environment and encourages them towards achieving their goals in their respective fields.

  1. Strict Towards Studies

The educational environment is very strict towards studies and the teachers make sure that the students are learning the course according to the curriculum.

  1. Student-Teacher Ratio

The university maintains a very healthy student-teacher ratio to ensure that the education quality is not compromised and teachers are able to concentrate properly on students.

  1. Economical Tuition and Accommodation Fee

The university offers feasible and economical tuition fees and accommodation fee structure to the students which are helpful and manageable for the students.

  1. Best Infrastructure Facilities

The quality of the teachers and the curriculum of the university match international standards and the university is known for some of the best infrastructure facilities in China.

  1. Researches on Regular Basis

The university is known for its researches and the government of China funds the university on a regular basis for the researches.

  1. Promoting Internationalization

Jiangsu University, China encourages the students and faculties to go abroad to get some knowledge about the work and educational culture of other countries promoting the internationalization of schooling.

  1. Course Duration

The medical course duration at Jiangsu University is for 6 years and the students are given the option to complete their internship in their own country.

  1. Affordable Fee Structure

The fee structure of Jiangsu University is affordable which helps the student's job to study MBBS in China easier. Jiangsu University offers several scholarship schemes to the deserving candidates, which also reduces the worry about the fees for the students.

  1. Academic Partnerships

The university has academic partnerships with the universities of more than 30 countries. Regular seminars and guest lectures are organized by the Jiangsu University for the students.

  1. Advantage of Pursuing MBBS

The advantage of pursuing an MBBS course from Jiangsu University is the university.

  1. FMGE and MCI Screening Test Have to Clear

It helps the Indian students in clearing the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test by preparing them for it and because of that, the percentage of Indian students clearing the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) test is high from the university.

  1. Extremely Tidy and Clean

The hostel rooms which are provided to the students are kept extremely tidy and clean with separate hostel dedicated to female students.

  1. Tasty and Hygienic Food

The students can find tasty and hygienic mess food on the campus and can also find cafeterias and canteens in the college where they can find their favorite dishes at economical prices.

  1. Hostel Warden

The students even have the option to go out and eat in a restaurant after taking permission of the hostel warden.

  1. Ragging Not Allow

Jiangsu University has strict policies against ragging which are designed to ensure that international students do not have to worry about ragging in the hostels.

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